Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rockin Disney Live

Darby's Nana brought her to see the Rockin Disney Live show that came to town here and she had a blast!  She got to see all sorts of her fav disney characters!  I can't wait to take the girls to Disney World later this year!  Here are some pics from the show!

Love it
Holding on to her goodies!

She brought Carson home a Minnie!

Going home after so much fun!


  1. Darby is so cute! I bet she had a blast!


  2. how fun! so glad she got to go. she looks adorable in her minnie dress!

  3. her dress was just adorable!!!!
    love the little minnie doll

  4. How fun! Darby is sooo stinkin cute in that Minnie Mouse Pillow Case Dress....Love it girly....we have the same taste in girl clothes.....Awwww how sweet she brought Carson a minnie doll.....
    Just Precious.....
    Summer :0)

  5. She is sooo stinkin cute! :) And I am loving her dress! Looks like she had LOTS of fun!


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